A m b r o p o e t i c a / Wet Plate Collodion Work by Steven Wilson


This site features work created utilizing the Wet Plate Collodion Process. Also known as the tintype or ferrotype process, it was given to the world by Frederick Scott Archer in 1850 and was the predominant photographic process until the 1870's. While vastly less expensive and simpler than the Daguerreotype process, it nonetheless required a high degree of technical expertise. For instance, when performed on glass, the Artist creates an Ambrotype, a very thin negative that reverses when placed against a dark background. However, with additional exposure and development a negative suitable for printing can be achieved. When wet plate collodion is performed on a tin or iron japanned plate, (a form of asphalting), the result is a tintype or ferrotype. Other contemporary materials are utilized as well.

My preference for working in this manner is that it is entirely experience based and requires an intuitive, personal and contemplative approach to creating an image.